The Indian Themed Introduction, Phionah’s Kuhinjira in Pictures

On this special day after planning and a lot of anticipation and serious scrutiny, she took ‘the man’ home. To show her father and mother who the new member of the family was in a traditional ceremony dubbed the kuhinjira

Unlike the usual suits, ties, and kanzus, these two spiced things up a little. They came out with this unique fusion of Asia and western Uganda norms. Phionas dress was peculiar. The design was that of the western Ugandan mushanana yet the fabric was Indian/ Hindu, creative. Then her better half totally kept it Asian in an Indian traditional Punjab. These distinct aspects just worked great. The duo made their own statements.Though critics urge that such ceremonies are meant to be kept cultural, we think what you should wear that day should lean more on comfortable with and what your heart feels like. Happiness stems from the inside out. So if you love something, and it rings out the vibe in you, makes you comfortable and happy, go for it. You would not want to spoil your fantasies because you were forced in to something you didn’t want.

Congratulations to the lovely two.





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