The Fairy Tale Wedding: Ibrahim And Munnahs Beautiful Wedding In Pictures!

Ibrahim And Munnahs Beautiful Wedding In Pictures! By Katend Muhammad

There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved. Ibrahim and Munnah found this happiness in each other, and together they set a date. After vigorous planning he proposed, she said yes. And they set a date for the nuptials. To ‘seal all the deal’ and let the whole world know about this happiness. And, about the fact that they had decided to spend all their days under the sun together.

We must stay away from their glorious faces, and the passion they each bore, their choice of dress was impressive. Munnah was the typical symbol of Islamic elegance. She flaunted a long-sleeved lace snow white embroiled flawless gown and avail. While Ibrahim enclosed his well-chiseled body in a shimmery navy blue tuxedo. The maids rocked beautiful rose red dresses. They looked smashing.The groom’s team in those tuxes did not disappoint either. Ibrahim and Munnah you looked amazing together! Like you just walked out of a fairytale storybook! We couldn’t help but ogle in envy!

May Allah fill your path with joy and only joy on this journey of two.



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