Must See- Jacob And Sheilas Colorful Introduction Ceremony!

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Though years fly by, trends and generations pass by, one thing that remains static forever is the African culture, principles and values. These were built on solid grounds. In this society the measure of a man’s seriousness is when he decided to visit. Not just an ordinary visit but a visit where he comes not alone but laden with gifts and flanked by hordes of friends and relatives in a grand shindig. One that will leave the village queens with topics to munch on.

Well, Jacob proved his love. After many a meeting and months of putting things together, he paid the maiden visit. A colorful rave he paraded. He managed to not only blow the guests away. But convinced his parents in law to be that he is worthy of their daughter’s hand in marriage but the gifts he paraded. Sheila, on the other hand, was glowing. Everything her and her squad wore was quite the spectacle. She was beautiful. The day was glorious!

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