Your Wedding Dress Must Be White….And Other Myths

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The white wedding dress was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century and the trend has stayed with us to this day and age. Now thats who we call a trendsetter! But on a serious note, if the thought of wearing a white wedding dress does not appeal to you then toss out that wedding rule and rock whichever colour of dress that pleases you. We have seen a few bold brides opting for colours like peach, pink, yellow and even blue and they were nothing short of gorgeous. 

The honeymoon comes right after the wedding.

In the perfect world, immediately the wedding is over, you and your groom ride off into the sunset. But for various reasons; work commitments, finances, a new born and so on you might find it pretty hard to get away from it all, right after the wedding. If that is the case for you, then do not feel the pressure to leave right away. You can honeymoon a bit later when the time is perfect for you. You could even opt for a mini-moon, like a weekend away somewhere close by and then go for your extraordinary, belated honeymoon in a far flung destination a few months later.

You must have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Your fiancé has 3 groomsmen and you have 6 close friends and the thought of leaving anyone out is giving you sleepless nights. Or maybe your bridal party was equal until one of your bridesmaids dropped out due to unavoidable circumstances. Then, what do you do? There is really no good reason why both sides have to be even. When it comes to the processional, if the ladies outnumber the men, you could have the groomsmen walk in flunked by 2 ladies. You need not add someone to the bridal party (who you otherwise wouldn’t have) just for the sake of having even numbers.

It’s all about you! 

If your friends and family have been supporting and rooting for your relationship all the while and want to give some input to your wedding, then let them. Instead of telling them that it is your way or the highway, you can listen and let them know that you will take what they have said into consideration. It does not mean that you will do as they say but do not alienate people who are well meaning.



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