How To Plan A Wedding From Overseas

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I must say that gone are the days when couples planning to tie the knot had to be on ground to plan their wedding. With this new digital age, information is accessible to everyone with a gadget, wedding planning has as well become much easier than ever before even if you’re overseas.

And with the emergence of, things couldn’t get any better. This platform has listed for you all the service providers and vendors that one would require to organise the perfect wedding—not to mention the online planning and budgeting tools plus the guest list and check list all at your disposal.

A wedding planner is a must

You will need someone on the ground to ensure that everything is going according to plan. Someone who can meet with vendors when necessary and see to it that your plans are executed perfectly. Which is why you need a professional wedding planner. Your cousin might be the most organized person you know, but if she is not an experienced wedding planner, she might not know exactly how everything should be executed or even have the connections in the industry to secure discounts for you.

The internet is your friend

There are miles and miles between you and your wedding planner. So how do you stay in touch throughout the wedding planning journey? Using the internet, of course! Stay in touch with your vendors and wedding planner using WhatsApp, email, Facebook and you could even Skype or Facetime with them. If you would like fairy lights draped over your reception and burlap bouquets for your bridesmaids, then don’t just tell your vendors…show them. Send them images of wedding ideas by any means possible to give them a proper insight of what it is would like your wedding to look like. If you’re a Pinterest user, you could also share your folder with your planner so you are all on the same page. Create WhatsApp groups for your bridal party as early as possible to discuss, among other things, their outfits, transport arrangements and wedding ideas.

Go for a venue that offers packages

The more vendors you have to deal with, the more complicated your wedding planning process will be. So it certainly helps if your venue comes with more than just grounds or a hall. Plus you will find that most wedding packages come with discounts.

Secure your dates early

Now more than ever you need to pick dates early. This will help you to plan your travel dates and to book your flights well in advance. As you make your travel arrangements, plan to arrive in the country at least 2 weeks to the wedding date. That way you have ample time to have a physical meeting with vendors, go over wedding details, make last minute changes and of course catch up with friends and family before the big day.

Consider an intimate wedding

Having been away for years you might have lost touch with some friends. The silver lining in that cloud is that you probably have a smaller number of people that you absolutely must invite to your wedding—making an intimate wedding possible. The great thing about intimate weddings is that you can maximize on quality without breaking the bank. A lot of wedding costs; such as catering, venue, tables, chairs, tents and décor, are pegged on numbers. Since you will need less of almost everything, you can go for exquisite options and still remain within your budget.

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Consider a destination wedding

Though you once called Uganda home, you and your fiancé don’t live here anymore. And so you may not be obligated to get married in any specific place. You can get married pretty much anywhere you choose. So why not consider a destination wedding? It could be by the beach with the sound of the lake crashing on the beach. Or it could be in somewhere in the Ssese Islands, by the lake, beneath palm trees with the melody of birds chirping.

Source from abroad

Depending on the country you reside in there are some things that are easier or cheaper to source for there than in Uganda. Are wedding dresses cheaper in that country? Then consider buying yours there. How about the grooms’ tuxedo? How about favours and décor items, is there a wider variety there? Then see what you can buy. We are not talking about hauling seats and tents across continents, just those items that are not bulky, light in weight and will add some serious style to your wedding and save you a buck.



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