Together At Last! Brian Weds Doreen

Photo credit: dynamicWedding photography.

After their jaunty pre wedding photo-shoot they are here again. Now husband and wife. Brian and Doreen finally tied the knot.

First things first, we were struck by the way the couple paid attention to the fashion detail. They portrayed urban trends and at the same time added a pinch of vintage to brew. Okay let’s start with Doreens dress! Girl where did you get the layered gown? Those are like white wales! Scarce. (And only possible if you hit the mikolo list of wedding dress vendors you know) Lady you glowed! That off shoulder crystal white, layered ball gown was dashing! Then for the maids, my oh my! We couldn’t help but ogle away like normal people in their perfect set of mind. Perfect eye candy! Brian and squad did not thwart as well. The matching grey and black suits were quiet the spectacle. We purely loved the whole ensemble. The dressing, reception and the most ostentatious of them, the affection you two shared.

Well from the mikolo team, we would like to wish you Brian and Doreen a bliss filled marriage and many children Congratulations.




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