We Met at a City Conference- Allan Gumizamu and Winnie Namubiru’s Love Story

Our very own writer Allan Gumizamu walked down the aisle Winnie Namubiru an Accountant with 3D Tracking Services and the love of his life last month on 23rd September in a colourful ceremony that took place at St James Cathedral Ruharo In Mbarara District. According to Mbarara residents, they still say it was a wedding of the year. Mikolo caught up with couple and shared with us their love story

Meeting at conference

Allan and Winnie met at a conference in Kampala at Serena Hotel. Allan represented Vision group and Winnie was among the participants representing her office 3D tracking Company. As fate has it, the two sat next to each other. As a way of socialising, Allan kept Winnie in a simple Chat as the conference went on.

The middle way, Winnie had to make a presentation regarding the work she does. Being an accountant, she kept the presentation around accounts. This caught more Allan’s eye. He couldn't hide his excitement seeing and hearing Winnie talk.

Allan says, just after the presentation, he asked Winnie if the two can take a simple walk out of Serena for some fresh air. Whatever Allan told her in that short break only God Knows. The two came back hand in hand.

After the conference, Winnie says, Allan kept in touch and the two would be on phone daily and night. She acknowledges having fallen for Allan’s charming words.Months after whole nights and day chats, Allan asked Winnie out finally.

The proposal

Allan said, after 8 months of dating, he planned a move that will forever be in Winnie’s minds. Allan says he went through one of Winnie’s friends who live in Entebbe. Winnie’s friend being an accountant also lured Winnie into a new job that a Canadian company was offering. Winnie got excited thinking her dream of earning Dollars has arrived.

According to Winnie’s friend, the two agreed to meet on a Sunday where Winnie will be able to meet the Human Resource Manager of the said Canadian company and discuss way forward. Sunday came and Winnie set off for Entebbe. On the other side, Allan had left for Entebbe at the agreed Hotel. Allan arrived earlier enough and took a secret seat. Minutes later Winnie made a grand entrance at the same hotel.

Remember Allan and Winnie’s friend had planned all. When Winnie arrived, she was welcomed by her friend and was offered a seat. After breathing in and out as she was ready to meet the Canadian company representative, she was asked by the waiter for her orders.

Her order was taken, and as it was planned, it took some minutes for the order to be delivered. Impatient Winnie saw a gentleman called Allan delivering the order. Her heart skipped wondering if she was dreaming.

Instead of the order, there was proposal ring. Tears of joy started flowing. She just couldn't believe Allan was proposing to her. Out of excitement, she accepted to be Allan’s wife. It was an emotional moment for Winnie and Allan. The two hugged as a sign of love.

Up Country wedding

Allan says he reached an understanding with his wife to hold their wedding in his upcountry district in Mbarara. Just after the proposal, the couple started to organise for their introduction and wedding ceremonies. Meetings began and their close people started to organise and fundraise for their functions. On 20th September, Allan was introduced officially to Winnie’s parents in the new district of Kyotere where he went with his family, relatives with so many gifts. Just three days after, the couple made their lifetime vows at St James cathedral Ruharo Mbarara and held their reception at Lake view.

Special thanks

The couple say thank you to all who contributed to their wedding; Workmates and friends from Vision Group, Howwe.biz and Mikolo.co.ug. Workmates  and friends from 3D Tracking services. Close Friends; Kaganzi Lester, Babirye Helga, Francis Kayoki, Tushabe Lydia and many more. May God bless you all.

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