Zamarad Twaha Opens Up On Plans Of Having Another Wedding

I once wrote that “every relationship goes through hard times. Many couples learn how to navigate through choppy waters and sail on toward a bright future together. Others, however, hit a rough spot and stay stuck, wondering if they’ve suffered irreparable damage or the relationship has run its course.”

Zamarad Twaha's Comment From Mikolo Facebook Page

Zamarad Twaha's Comment From Mikolo Facebook Page

Well, it looks like Zamarad Twaha’s relationship with city Photographer Katende Muhammad of Katende Muhammad Photography may have run its course after she revealed plans of another wedding.

In a recent comment on one of Mikolo’s Facebook posts, the Fly Emirates flight attendant and beauty queen noted that;

“I wanna look like her on my next wedding. We have to make it more than the previous wedding (her customary wedding with Katende Muhammad).”

This all comes after recent reports which revealed that the two had separated despite having a pair of twins together with Katende rumoured to be dating city model Efrance Nakitto, something that he disputed.

Katende  Muhammad & Zamarad Twaha's Lavish Kwanjula -PHOTO

The reports of Zamarad and Katende’s separation were further fuelled by a detailed post on her Facebook timeline on September 29th 2017 saying, “the loss sometimes is in fact a blessing in disguise”.

“Sometimes you have to lose, to find who deserves you more than that. Not everyone in your life is meant to stay,” read part of her post.

“Life is a daily learning process. We all have crappy moments but something good can come out of it. There are times we have to cut people out of our lives. Everyone has their limit of what they can take. I had to cut people out before,” she added

“People who wouldn’t even give an inch and I came out stronger and I didn’t feel bad or guilty about cutting them out of my life.

I refuse to lower my standards for anyone, I’m going to stand firm and true to who I am and for what I believe. I know my worth and I’m sticking to it. Remember to treat people how you want to be treated. We all deserve respect. Without respect you don’t have love or anything.”

Whether this post was speaking to her relationship with Katende, we can only speculate but be sure, we will keep you posted.

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