Uganda’s Most Cerebrated Photographer Posts Happy Photos Of Kids Amid Cheating Scandal

“Fame is a bitch,” said American film star Brad Pit. Perhaps he was speaking to the notion that fame opens one to public scrutiny, rumors and all sorts of judgment. Well, city photographer Muhammad Katende of Katende Muhammad Photography has now fallen victim.

Checkout Katende's post on Facebook here On 1st Oct 2017

India Arie once said that, in the quest for fortune and fame…don’t forget about the simple things. Well, Katende hasn’t forgotten about those simple things like hanging out with his friends, something that has however created speculation on his love life.

It has recently been rumoured that the Camera guru has found affection with the city commercial model Efrance Nakitto, a rumour that he refutes. “Efrance and I are family friends and we have been for long,” said Katende Muhammad when contacted by

City Commercial Model Efrance Nakitto - Photo from Nakitto's Instagram

It’s a public secret that Katende is a family man, a father to a pair of twins and husband to Zamarad Twaha, a flight attendant with Emirates airlines. Our efforts of reaching out to Zamarad were futile as she is currently out of the country.

Zamarad Twaha, a flight attendant with Emirates airlines

Zamarad Twaha and Katende Muhammad on thier Nika Ceremony

However, unconfirmed reports have emerged that Efrance’s daughter could be Katende’s first born and that’s why he is close to the little girl as well as her mother. And it could be that they met before he met Zamara

Meanwhile, Efrance also told an online source that, “Katende is a family friend and more so a good friend to my daughter and there is nothing more to that.”


 Efrance�?�¢??s Daughter - Photo from Efrances Instagram

“I am in a committed relationship with someone I love and surely today let me clear it that am not dating Katende Muhammad of Katende Muhammad photography,” Efrance added.

Sources close to the model intimate to Mikolo that she’s soon tying the knot with her significant other.


Love Kids of the Family man and business man


Photos of Katende Muhammad  

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