1 Week To The Wedding Checklist

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5 – 6 days to go
• Confirm transport arrangements for your bridal party and parents
• Rehearsal: practice the entry into the ceremony with your bridal party and go through the flow of the ceremony
• Shop and pack for your honeymoon
• Inspect the wedding dress for loose threads, tags and anything that needs fixing.
• Ensure that all your wedding attire is ready; everything from underwear to shoes and any accessories.
3 – 4 days to go
• Communicate the wedding day schedule and timelines with all the vendors and any special duties with the bridal party and point person ensuring you are on the same page.
• Make final payments for any vendors who require the final balance paid before the wedding day.
• For vendors who are to receive a final payment once the reception is over, put the payments in envelopes and hand them over to your wedding planner or point person and ensure that you give those vendors the contacts of the point person.
• Put together a day of wedding emergency kit. It basically should contain any emergency items such as safety pins, needle thread, medicine, bobby pins, some makeup items, nail polish etc.
• This would also be a good time for you to go on leave. Ensure that you do a proper handover to your backup person at work; you will still need that job once the honeymoon is over.
2 – 3 days to go
• Whether you wax, thread or trim your eyebrows, you need to do it at least 2-3 days before the wedding day. So that incase of any swelling you have time for the swelling to go down before the big day.
• If you intend to weave, braid or relax your hair, you need to have it done around 3 days before the wedding day. Too early and your hair will lose its luster, too late and your scalp might not be relaxed.
1 day to go
• Call the cake vendor to confirm that the wedding cake is ready for delivery to the venue. This can be done by you or your wedding planner.
• Go for a manicure and pedicure on the day before the wedding so it looks fresh on wedding day.
• And finally, relax! Do whatever makes you feel relaxed; go to the spa, take leisurely walk, read a book, exercise, have a lunch with family because soon you’re saying goodbye to them, write in your journal if you have too.



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