Loosing Morale During Your Wedding planing? You Need To Read This!

Losing steam in your wedding planning…Here is how to get your groove back!

When you got engaged you were giddy with excitement. You still are. You can’t wait to get married to the love of your life. You were also excited to start planning….but not anymore. The reality of planning a wedding; the costs involved and all the to-dos, have rained on your parade. But there is still a wedding to plan. So how do you get the excitement back? How do you get motivated to plan your wedding? Here are a few tips;

Just get started

You know what needs to be done. You even have a list of things to do but every time you look at it you get overwhelmed by what needs to be done or too nervous to call vendors. So you have been putting it off for a while now. To get the ball rolling, select one task and begin. Not tomorrow. Today. Once you check something off the list you will start to feel motivated. And before you know it you will have slowly worked your way down the list and made some real progress.

Don’t over think it

The best thing about weddings is that there are so many options and the worst thing about weddings … is that here are so many options. You go through the internet and you are hit by an avalanche of cake designs, flower arrangements and décor ideas. The same goes for venues, caterers, cakes and pretty much everything else. With so many options to choose from, the wedding planning process can get very confusing. Set a limit to the number of options you intend to explore. Once you find a venue that makes you happy settle on it, if possible make a deposit, and then move on to something else. You might have found a wedding dress that makes your heart sing but you keep thinking ‘what if there is another wedding dress out there that is even better?’ Yes, there will always be a better dress, a better cake and a better honeymoon destination but at some point you need to stop the search and make up your mind. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many options it will only leave you confused and flustered. Just trust your gut because you can never be 100% sure.

Start with the easiest tasks

Choosing wedding rings might seem like the easiest task to you but someone else might lose sleep over it. Or maybe picking a wedding invitation design feels like a lot fun to you. Then get started with that task. Once that is done and dusted, you might now be in the zone and find it easier to call up some vendors or scout for venues or whatever task you find less appealing.

Keep the goal in mind

What exactly is the ultimate goal? It is to get married to the love of your life. So what if the cake does not end up looking like you envisioned? Or the caterer you hired arrives late on the wedding day? As awful as these situations are, if at the end of the day you and your spouse are married, then your wedding was a success. Do your best as far as selecting vendors and do some research but don’t get hang up in ensuring everything is perfect. If you enjoy the day and get married then no matter what happens your wedding day will be perfect. At least to you. And that’s what matters.

Get a helper/Hire a wedding planner

Sometimes you just need someone else to psych you up. Someone who is as excited as you are that you’re getting married. It would be a best friend, family member or hire a wedding planner if the resources allow. But better still you could use the mikolo app and plan your wedding in just one day!



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