Tips To Getting The Perfect Manicure On Your Wedding Day

Be adventurous

It is your wedding day and it will probably only come around once. So as much as you lean towards a certain nail polish colour, in the months leading up to your wedding why not try out different nail polish colours and see how you feel about them. You might be surprised to find that you like a colour that you never would have tried otherwise. Or your opinion, when it comes to your nail polish colour of choice, might be reaffirmed. So before the wedding, try more than one nail polish colour and perhaps even nail art and see whether you like it.

Stock up

So you have found the perfect nail colour for your wedding day. Now what you need to do is buy at least 2 bottles of nail polish. Even though your nail salon has that colour of nail polish it is a good idea to stock up on the nail polish. Take one nail polish with you to the salon as you go to have your nails done just in case you find that they have run out of that colour and put the same nail polish in your wedding day emergency kit. So just in case your nail polish chips on the big day you can quickly repair it using the nail polish. Also ensure you have a moisturizer packed in your wedding day emergency kit; ashy hands on your wedding day are not a good look! Pack the other bottle of nail polish in your suitcase to take with you on your honeymoon so you also look glamorous during your romantic getaway. 

Start a nail care regime

Your salonist is not a magician. If you show up at the salon with nails that are in a really bad state they may only be able to do so much to make them look wedding-worthy. So if you have a habit of biting your nails now you need to kick that habit immediately to give your nails and cuticles time to recover before the big day. Start moisturizing your hands regularly months in advance and if you intend to have long natural nails on your wedding day start taking care of them now. You will be glad you did, as you show off your perfectly manicured hands on your wedding day. 

Match your manicure and pedicure

While it is not mandatory that you match your manicure to your pedicure, it certainly creates a cohesive look and looks better in photos. If you are not keen on matching the colours then go for colours that complement each other or go for a light shade of the colour for your manicure and a darker shade for your pedicure.

Remember your theme

It would be a great idea to have your manicure in line with your theme. If you are going for a fun, quirky, whimsical look, you can consider nail art with creative patterns and bold colours. If you are going for an elegant, sophisticated, theme then you can go for a French manicure or subtle colours. Or lace designs for a vintage look. You also need to have your wedding colour in mind to avoid the nail polish colour clashing with your bouquet.



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