8 Things To Do After The Wedding

Cover Photo: Daniel & Laura at their wedding

Clean and store your gown

You spent a lot of time selecting your wedding gown and you probably also spent a pretty penny on it. Much as you are not expecting your daughter to one day wear your wedding dress, you still want to be able to show it to your friends, years down the line, in all its glory. Or maybe you intend to sell your wedding dress after the wedding. The longer you wait to have it cleaned the harder it will be to remove any stains on it.

If you are heading off to the honeymoon right after the wedding, you can arrange for your maid of honour or your close friend to drop off the dress at the dry cleaners for you to pick up once you get back from your honeymoon. And if it was a hired gown, it’s best you return it as soon as possible among any other items that you may have rented for your big day. Trust me, the earlier the better.

Say thank you

There were friends who gave gifts while others gave their time and effort to make your wedding a success and for that you are absolutely grateful. Rather than writing a vague, blanket message on Facebook why don’t you let them know individually. The best way to do this is with handwritten thank you notes expressing your gratitude to them. Remember to make it personalized by stating precisely what you are grateful for. And don’t wait too long to send your thank you notes, send them within two months after the wedding, while you can all still remember the emotions of the day in detail.

Preserve the cake

If you are looking forward to enjoying some of that wedding cake after the big day then you need to make arrangements before the wedding on how you will preserve the cake. For starters, get someone, perhaps a close friend or one of your family members, to take a tier of your cake with them and refrigerate it for you until you for a day or two. If it’s fruitcake, that can last for a while (even until you get back from your honeymoon). To preserve your wedding cake, completely cover the cake with cling film, making sure it is airtight. And then follow by wrapping with at least 2 layers of aluminium foil. This will prevent any freezer taste and keep the cake from drying up.

On the other hand, you may not need any of that because most cake suppliers listed under Mikolo provide their couple clients with a free cake after their honeymoon and that’s the beauty of booking for one online.

Have the gifts delivered

Much as this happens on the wedding day, the wedding itself will have ended, so technically it is a post-wedding task. Way before your big day, begin to make preparations for the delivery of your wedding gifts. You might need to hire a canter or pickup to ferry your gifts home (That’s of course if you have generous friends). Also, ask one of your trustworthy friends to help with the loading of the gifts on to the truck and to ensure that the gifts arrive safely at your home.

Create a photo album

Your photographer will probably provide you with a CD of your wedding photos first and the photo album will be prepared later, once you select the photos you want on your album. Do not put off this task for too long, otherwise 3 years down the line you could still have no photo album and no motivation to have it prepared. So make sometime right after your honeymoon to sort through the wedding photos and have your photographer make an album for you.

Change your name

If you intend to change your name after the wedding then this one is for you. You might have changed your name on social platforms and official emails but what about your legal identity. Change of names is effected through the use of a Deed Poll. A deed poll is a legal document binding only to a single person or several persons acting jointly to express an active intention. The registrar shall after that, cause the deed poll to be advertised in the Uganda Gazette. This acts as a notification to the general public of the change of name. For more information visit the Office of the Attorney-General and the Department of Justice.

Shopping for your new home

As you plan for your wedding, you have probably been purchasing furniture, kitchen equipment and other things to furnish your home but there are those small items that will probably fall through the cracks. So you might find yourself with a brand new cooker but no saucepans to cook with. Or no knives and cutting boards etc. So you will need to dash to the shops to buy these items as soon as you get back from your honeymoon. You will probably also need to do some shopping for food and toiletries. So as you plan your finances, make an allowance to cater for these small but important post-wedding purchases.

Sell what you no longer need 

You spent a lot of money for your wedding, wouldn’t it be great if you could get back some of it? You can do that by selling some of the wedding items that you no longer need; like your wedding dress. Or maybe you bought some wedding décor items such as lanterns and you no longer have any use for them. You can sell those too once the wedding is over.



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