For Him And Her: Creative Ways To Style Dreadlocks For Your D-Day.

Dreadlocks, So back in the days of yore, having a dread lock was a near taboo. It spelt of unruliness, raggedness and rebellion. Having a dread lock was like a uniform for the boorish. But today times have changed, Stylish ladies and men of substance are dawning the dreadlock! And one thing I am for sure everyone who has a dreadlock has them purely out of choice. Deliberate. But then comes that time when we have to celebrate those ‘grand days’ and every one, bride or groom inclusive is worried about how to pull off the look. A third of the friends and family would move a motion to let the dread go. Out of ignorance of course. But on the flip side you know that is almost impossible. Not even option. Well dreadlocks can be styled in various ways and the results, unbelievable! One does not necessary have to let of years of effort go to waste for just a one day look.

Today we bring you creative ways the dreadlock can be styled, so tell a friend to tell a friend. See for yourself here;





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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo