Celebrating True Love-Shadia And Imrams Amazing Wedding Photos

Photo credit: LenzMediaUganda

On this fine day, the sun shone bright in the sky. The birds were singing, Mother Nature was smiling and Imram and Shadia were ready. Ready to take their vows and make it official that they are one, make it official that they are ready to face the pangs of this world for richer, for poor till death do them part.

After their vows, they headed out to take these awesome pictures. They both looked so beautiful together, Envy of every single soul. They looked like they had just matched out of a Disney tale story book. Shadia in her lovely lace gown flanked by her maids in hot pink flawless gowns. Imram rocked a navy blue sharp tuxedo. It was truly a colorful do and by the look on their faces they were truly in love.

Congratulations Shadia and Imram, May this red hot love flame keep burning all throughout you marriage.




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