Leila And Yasins Magnificent Kukyala And Introduction Gallery!

Photo credit: Ronnie bob

There are those couples that make love look so beautiful and easy. They make the whole thing look like it’s a pearly road laden with only smiles, laughter and sunshine. Couples that make give love and the marriage institution a good name. Yasin and Leila are just one of these couples in particular. Recently they decided to fulfil the traditional demands. Leila took her better half Yasin to visit her parents in a kukyala (maiden visit) which was shortly followed by the Kwanjula (introduction/customary marriage) ceremony.

Their day was beautiful. The sun was bright .The winds were Crisp and still. Yasin was calm and Leila was flawless! No theatrics really. Everything surely went according to plan .The universe too affirmed and drew all its positive energy to the lovely couple.

Team mikolo wishes you all the very best in this journey of two. Congratulations Yasin and Leila.

Ronnie bob did an outstanding job in capturing these memories. See for yourself here



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