Photos-Summaiah Introduces Long Time Lover To Parents

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There is nothing as prestigious in the African traditional society as a marriage. When a girl comes of age and brings home a man, a “muko”.It is the joy of every parent to witness this graceful day and act. Summaiah did her parents proud, she proved that all the values of tradition and religious imparted into her did not go to waste as she brought home a worthwhile suitor.

From this set up, we can clearly see how times have so much changed. It was the first visit also known as the ‘kukyala’. An event which was known to be an in house ceremony. But recent trends have turned all this round, it’s now a mini introduction ceremony. For Sumaiah in particular they had an outdoor do. If not told one would think it was the actual introduction (kwanjula) because of the pomp that was attached to it.

That aside we loved the way she fused the traditional attire with her religious side. She wore a red and white velvet embroiled gomesi coupled by a matching head Veil and a red velvet sash. Owing to the fact that the gomesi was shouting, she kept the make up sable which we loved. A tip every lady should embrace, when wearing a very striking outfit, its better keep the make up subtle to torn down the outfit. And the reverse is true.

Team mikolo would like to wish these lovely two the very best on this new journey they have chosen.




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