Kampala’s Best Fashion Designer Named,guess who?

Dress by Fatuma Asha.

So you are stuck, for this specific day you want to make a statement. But can’t put a finger to what can do the magic though. You comb through your closet. You have worn everything before. So you call a friend to back you up. Well her stuff is good but it’s a little tight or loose and does not exactly flatter your body like it does hers. Would this be you? Ronash knew what it would cost. So she entrusted her birthday attire with the very best. She entrusted her attire with Fatuma Asha. The seasoned designer (Aka queeen of the red carpet) who has taken the Kampala fashion scene by storm!

Fatuma Asha has mastered the art of custom. Everytime she touches that fabric,she turns it into gold. For the time she has been in the industry, she has not only captured the local market but the international market to. Don’t be caught in the fashion conundrum, make those statements girl, in this era where we are judged according to what we wore on a specific event you shouldn’t be caught off guard. And this guru is a jack of all trades in the fashion spheres. Traditional, couture,bridal, red carpet, casual whatever your wish is, she is just the guinea in the bottle.

Fatuma Asha is listed among the vendors, Feel free to check her out for the best fashion deals in town!

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