Inside Kim And Sharkira’s Intimate Wedding Photo Shoot At Munyonyo

Photo credit: Agapix Photography

Once again, here at Mikolo, we felt elated when our friends at Agapix shared with us intimate photos from Kim and Shakira’s wedding shoot at the Commonwealth Resort in Munyonyo.

If you happen to meet anyone that attended Kim and Shakiria’s wedding, they’ll openly tell you that one of the most eye catching things from this celebration of true love was the bride’s unique that was embellished with rhinestones.

On the other hand, one couldn’t help it notice the groom’s black and white tuxedo. See photos

Kim and Shakira - Uganda Weddings

Shakira's wedding gown was flawless

Shakira completely dazzled - Ugandan Weddings

That moment!!! Kim & Shakira - Ugandan Weddings





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