Celebrating True Love, Hilda Introduces Fiancee In Colourful Kwanjula Ceremony.

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If love doesn’t flourish then it’s not worth it. What do we mean by flourishing? The ability of a relationship to move from one point to another, hitting landmarks together. Becoming one. For the Lubegas this was evident enough. They decided to take things to the next level. She introduced him to her parents and the whole world as the person she is ready to spend all the days of her life with.

This specific day was filled with a lot of mirth and excitement. Behind the scenes, it was a beehive of activity. Everyone paced around ensuring the day is up to the nines, everything goes according to plan, all 't's crossed and all 'I's dotted. The sisters and ladies were preparing the bride and congratulating her for this mile stone hit.

Then that special moment arrived when she, Hilda flanked by her sister and close friends was escorted out. The atmosphere lit up all of a sudden. Ululation and thunderous handclaps would be heard from miles away. It was glorious. Across the aisles, you would see the couple stealing glances and smiles. They clearly wouldn’t wait any longer to be called husband and wife. It was an undoubtedly beautiful day really.

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