The Ecstasy Of A Pre-wedding Photo Shoot – Fred & Olivia

Photo credit: Agapix Photography Book for them online via Mikolo.

When our relationship with Lydia (not real name) hit the rocks at the climax of last year, we visited a marriage counsellor, who during our very first session gave us a quote from an unknown author saying;

“Build a friendship before marrying someone. Marry your best friend,” words that will forever linger in the back of my mind. Well, for Fred and Olivia, there is no doubt that they became best friends first before tying the knot. At least, that’s what we judge from the ecstasy exhibited in the pre-wedding photos.

It was absolute love in the air, sheer joy, and excitement for the two lovers during their pre-wedding photo shoot with Agapix Photography

The two are now a happily married couple…….




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