Must See-Fiona’s Jaw Dropping Kwanjula Decor!

Apart from the eye catching and unique Asian attire this couple flaunted on their intro, there was more that stole the eyes attention. It would be a felony if we talked about the party and left out this one special aspect. This one aspect was the décor! It’s one thing setting trends and it’s another coining creative concepts that people have no clue of even how to start mimicking your art. This is what these guys did on this particular occasion.

This particular deco house never seizes to amaze us. Every time we think we have seen our very best, the next function will find us taking back our words. These guys take the creative extraordinaire crown. The ability to take into account the Nitti grittiest of detail is imposing. On this particular introduction following the rose red and white theme for the bridal area and dozens of fresh multi colored floral. Posh white and gold seats then a back drop of broad white angel wings. Totally alluring! Then for the guest tents, they played around the gold theme. Amid the shivery gold chairs were well laid tables with lovely table tops that kept the table busy with the fruits, printed napkins, delicate glass and silver cutlery. They also illuminated the walk ways with red carpets and creative art pieces on the side. We loved! ‘Big ups’ to suki the out fit destination for the job well done!

Do you want décor like this, feel free to check out the suki outfit destination profile here on mikolo!



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