Must See Photos of Samalie’s Bridal Makeup For Her Introduction

Makeup brushes, professional ones especially, really resemble a painter’s tools, and if you think about itmakeup is always daily moment of creativity especially for the ladies, isn’t it? Choosing the right lipstick, matching eye-shadow colours are all activities similar to an artist’s work, that allows them to express their mood of the day, or perhaps their sense of belonging to a type, or a style, using their faces as their own canvas

Beneathe the makeup and behind her glowing smile, she's just another passionate beautiful lady that wishes for the world. Samalie's bridal makeup for her introduction with Brian is a force to reckon with. One that will blow your mind away. 

Her gomesi choices may have been eye catching but her makeup was captivating. At every turn of change, her makeup matched up well with her chic jewellery as well as her exquisite hairdos. See Photos

Photography by: Agapix Photography





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