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Different wedding dress styles

Why does it always seem that brides in movies walk into a bridal boutique, look at a gown, try it on, and fall in love? While in real life, that’s hardly ever how the process works, and truly, finding the perfect wedding gown is a process. As a matter of, I once moved around town with a bride-to-be called Angela to about for bridal shops before we finally landed on the gown she fell in love with.

According to the, you can make the process fun and simple by becoming familiar with the five most popular styles. Each style is lovely, but choosing the right fit to accentuate your best assets and hide any areas of concern, to bring out your feminine beauty will make the process of falling in love with your dream gown easy, no matter your shape or size.

1. A-line

Getting its name from the shape the dress creates from its fitted bodice as it flows to the ground, the A-line dress is a classic and simple style. Although it is a good option for most brides, the full skirt of the A-line can hide a rounder lower body or create the illusion of curves on a narrow frame. The length can vary from above the knee to full length, flowing into a large train and minimizing the curves of a more voluptuous woman.

2. Princess

Similar to an A-line dress, the princess dress flares vertically but with a more dramatic effect. The style features clean lines running from the neckline to the hem and is a great design for ladies with a pear-shaped figure. The princess dress hides fuller hips while balancing the torso and focuses the eye on the length of the dress, making you appear slimmer.

3. Column

The column dress, also known as a sheath dress, has a narrow shape that flows straight from top to bottom. This design has no waistline and hugs the body to show off your curves. Because the column dress is not as forgiving as other styles, it is best for lean and slender brides. A petite bride may choose this style to appear taller and longer. Keep in mind that the tight fit of a column dress may restrict movement and put a halt to some of your best dance moves.

4. Mermaid

The mermaid dress is considered the sexiest style. Also known as the fit-and-flare, this design can cautiously be worn by different body types if attention is paid to the point where the skirt flares out. Flaring just past the hips can surprisingly flatter a larger hipped woman. A mermaid style that flares mid-thigh looks great on larger busted ladies by balancing out ample cleavage. The classic mermaid style, flaring just below the knee, can make shorter brides appear taller, but a tall hourglass figure will definitely make their jaws drop.

The fit-and-flare gown, also known as the mermaid, looks stellar on just about anybody!

5. Slipdress

No matter your height, if you’re thin and very fit, then the slip dress is for you. The very basic style and minimum detail of this dress give it the look of lingerie, skimming the body from bustline to hem. The slipdress will accentuate curves and is a good choice for more confident brides.

6. Ball Gown

The ball gown dress is most likely the dress you’ve had in mind since you were a girl. Put there by fairy tales, it’s a design created for a princess. The fitted bodice and full floor-length skirt is an excellent choice for short-waisted women or pear-shaped ladies, giving definition to the midsection and hiding the lower body. If you’re petite, the ball gown dress can overpower your small frame and may not be the appropriate choice for your body type.
Although you may have your “dream dress” in mind, it’s important to know that every wedding gown is not for every bride. When beginning the process of shopping for your wedding gown, keep an open mind. Be sure you try on your “dream dress”, but also try on several other styles. You may be surprised how different designs can really show off your best features, and let your true beauty shine through on your wedding day.

What is My Body Shape?

1. Rectangle

Your shoulders, bust and hips are around the same size, with no defined waistline.

2. Inverted Triangle

Your shoulders or bust are larger than your hips.

3. Triangle

Your hips are wider than your shoulders.

4. Hourglass

Your shoulders and hips are around the same size, with a very defined waistline.



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