Photos: Fiona & Emma’s Ice Blue Cake By Carledorian Cakes

Cake is the cute poison that will sweep me off my feet, because like Juliana Kanyomozi once confessed, ‘l love eating cake very much’.  

When I set foot at Posta Gardens Nakawa for Fiona and Emma’s wedding reception, the beautiful cake at the heart of the venue is what caught my attention first and next day being the Cake & Ice cream festival at the Uganda Museum, the timing couldn’t have been any better.  

Irene, a baker at Carledorian Cakes revealed to Mikolo that the Ice Blue cake had different flavours. “The flavours we made were vanilla, chocolate, orange, coconut, strawberry and fruit cake,” Irene noted.

And I must confess, the taste was as good as the beauty on the outside. See Photos:

In red is Carledorian's Irene & next to her is MD Doreen plus Mikolo's James at the back

Fiona's cake for the introduction made by Carledorian Cakes

It was black and white





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