A Page boy, What Is His Role? Is He Necessary? Find Out More Here

Every family has that John. A cute little charming fella who always qualifies for the proverbial page boy duty. To him it’s always a day to smile brightest ,wear good clothes and walk in front of the couple with the flower girl. But he is not to blame, he was not told because the elders too didn’t know his role. It’s so amazing how most weddings in Uganda have page boys/ring bearers who do practically nothing. Save for from looking lost. Well today and from now on its time to set the roles of these cute little fellas straight. .


First and foremost these young boys play a major role. Pages/ ring bearers(the traditional name) bring the wedding rings (or fakes that look like the wedding rings) to the altar. Since it's not the greatest idea to entrust gold rings to a rambunctious 6-year-old, the rings are usually fakes.

Are you the trusting sort? Well, if you trust the little tyke with your jewelry, at least have someone hand him the little ring box replete with real rings just before he begins trekking down the aisle. If he gets hold of them too far in advance, it's more likely he'll lose them.

Whatever you choose to have the ring bearer carry, be sure he's told about his duties ahead of time. It's probably best to include him in the church rehearsal, so the full implications of his duties (walking down an aisle all by himself with a hundred people watching) don't come as a big shock.

Who to choose

You'll probably want to choose a young family member. If you don't know any young boys, don't sweat it: Having a ring bearer is a great way to include young family members in your wedding ceremony, but a ring bearer isn't a necessity. In most cases, the best man will be holding the real rings anyhow.



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