Planning to Propose? Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying an Engagement Ring!

They say an engagement ring should be worth three times the salary, but we believe the most important rule is that you pick the right one! An engagement ring is not a small purchase, and it is something that you're gonna cherish for the rest of your life, so it is important that you tread carefully and make a wise choice. Here are some mistakes to avoid making when buying that all-important engagement ring! This is for clueless guys planning a surprise, and for brides who want to give them a hint as to what they want!

Going alone to pick out the ring

You might know her in and out, as well as her choices. But trust us, when it comes to the engagement ring, get some female perspective, even if it your own sister. Her mom, BFF or sister would be the ideal people to help you with this, right from buying the perfect engagement ring to planning the proposal.

Choosing Carat over Clarity

Have a basic understanding of general diamond buying- basically the 4 Cs of diamonds and information about the metal options before you end up at the jeweller. It is very vital, and can save you from being swindled. This article here has all that you need to know about engagement ring solitaires! This will also ensure you get most bang for your buck.

Picking a Stone Without Considering The Setting

The beauty of a ring really comes alive in the setting it is in. If for example you choose a halo setting where the diamond is encircled with smaller diamonds, then you can actually get a smaller diamond . Similarly, having a classic band size with no diamonds mean you must focus on the quality of the diamond even more as that will shine the most.

Not setting a budget

This is a very important factor, especially if you're picking up the ring from your own pocket. Getting swept with emotions and blowing through the budget is something that happens very commonly, but you have to plan this purchase out, like other big things in your life like your home or car. To stop yourself from overspending, it's important to set a budget prior to going to the jewelry store to see any rings in person and stick to that budget. Also, at the same time your budget should be relatively flexible within the upper limit, as long as that limit isn't breached. It makes sense to save money in general, but bargain hunting for an engagement ring might not be wise. Click here to get an idea of engagement rings for every budget. Wanna save some big bucks on the engagement ring solitaire? Check out this article.

Not Getting A Certified Diamond 

Getting a certified diamonds means resting assured that in future, when she may want to upgrade the ring (and she probably will), you can get a great return on your investment. Diamonds with certification have higher resale value and you can vouch for their specs as they have been vetted by a lab.

Forgetting to ask Ring Size

This is very important, not just for the right fit, but also keeping in mind that ordering the same ring that's available in a different size can take up to a month, so this can really throw your plans out of the window. Asking her the ring size (if it's not a surprise) is obviously the easiest way out, but if you are planning to pop the question out of the blue, then here's an awesome tip! Sneak one of her rings out or measure it with paper while she's asleep and use to know what the size is with an online ring size measurement tool. You could even rope in her sister or BFF to do this.

Thinking everyone wants the same thing

While a lot of couples have started going together for ring shopping or taking suggestions, if you're planning to make it a surprise, then more care needs to be taken. Assuming everyone has the same taste when it comes to engagement rings is something where things can go drastically wrong. While a lot of women want a fancy flashy ring, but not everyone is the same. Different people have different tastes, and the same goes with engagement rings as well. Some prefer emeralds over diamonds, and others want more practical wedding bands which they can wear everyday easily. Speaking to one another as to what kind of ring they want is very important. A normal engagement ring these days is a solitaire diamond, but if someone wants something more unique or simpler, then be open to that.

Not Considering Online Boutiques

Online shopping has come a long way, and the stuff you get on some of the leading jewelry websites is as good as what you get in a store, and mostly with a cheaper 'making price'. So make sure to check the online options out as well- you might just get what you want, maybe cheaper! They usually have trials as well, when you can choose 3-4 rings and they get them home for you to see in person! So make use of that!     Not asking about the return or exchange policy If it is a surprise, what if she doesn't like the ring? You need to be clear about what to do in that case, so ask about the return and exhange policy clearly. Not insuring the ring You'll be surprised at how many people end up losing their engagement rings! Swimming pools and beaches are the most common culprits, but since the ring is something that will probably be worn every single day, chances to lose it are high. If you are spending a bomb on the engagement ring, why not get it insured in case of loss or theft? Not a very common practice in India, but looking at the amount we spend on our precious jewels, sounds like a good idea! NOW you're all set! Happy proposing!

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