Photos- All Beautiful moments as Douglas weds Stephen

Photo credit:Katende-Muhammad-Photography

On this fine day, the sun shone bright in the sky. The birds were singing, Mother Nature was smiling and Douglas and Stephen were ready. Ready to take their vows and make it official that they are one, make it official that they are ready to face the pangs of this world for richer, for poor till death do them part.

 This lovely couple, parents of two little angels proved that not every wedding is supposed to be pompous and flowery to be special. Sometimes the lesser involved the more special. Believe me you, having to slit time to seize the happy moments and please crowds as well can be tad tricky. These two lovely swan kept everything low key but still made every moment worthwhile. We equally loved everything. We loved every stolen moments to share a whisper before the flick of the camera, the brides simple mermaid gown ,the jolly entourage, the grooms gentle smile to mention but a few. Pure delight it was.

Congratulations Douglas and Stephen, May this red hot love flame keep burning all throughout you marriage.




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