The Most Popular Wedding Colour Trends For 2017 – Pick A Leaf

Sometimes planning a wedding for a couple kicks off at a friend’s wedding when one partner, often the female says, 'that’s the kind of dress I want to wear for my changing dress, I love the colour choice for the bridesmaids’ dresses' among other few details. ,

So when the two come around to plan their wedding, the style and colours are some of the things they first choose for their big day. For some, the decision is conclusively made while others keep an open mind.

In Uganda today, the wedding season is on and service providers are just as busy as couples that will be soon walking down the aisle. The new wedding season doesn’t include bright colors and glamor, today fashion has brought soft and elegant pastels colors.

According to events décor guru Suzan Kirabo Mukiibi, the founder of SUKI The Out Fit Destination, the most popular wedding colour trends for 2017 so far are "royal & navy blue, purple, red, gold, baby pink, maroon and the ever shining white of course," also dubbed as the colour of all seasons.

Suzan Kirabo also adds that peach has also been up there just as much.  These colours have cut across decorations and the outfits bridesmaids, grooms, and groomsmen have been wearing.  

See some samples here for inspiration…

Baby Pink & Red bouquets for Kirabo's maids; Photo by Feddy Weddings

Maroon did for Edgar; Photo by Lenz Media

White for Felix & Summayah's wedding

Solome's Bridesmaids at their wedding with Omari

Hilda and her maids from their wedding with Rume

A white Lakeside Church Setup; Photo by Oscar Ntege

Red, White & Gold at Samuel & Esther's wedding; Decor by Evannah Events

Decor By SUKI The Out Fit Destination at a recent introduction

Photo by Dynamic Wedding Photography

Eunice's maids at her wedding with Mike; Photo by Genius Media




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