The Heavenly Wedding! Rume Weds Hilda In A Totally Fancy Do!

Photo credit: Katende-Muhammad-Photography

From the gorgeous pre wedding shoot to now this jaw dropping wedding shoot. We can’t agree less, Hilda and Rume were quite a force to reckon with. You really showed us that you had spent time planning this occasion and trust me, it paid off. What you created were memories that will sour through time.

Now let’s talk detai, Hilda and girls did not disappoint. The maids swayed those foxy rose red gowns just right. But the price went Hilda. She downed a snow white pearl mermaid dress with embroidered straps with brown lace at the back and buttons running down. You glowed girl. That tiara and veil were divine! As for Rume and his boys, total eye candy. They would pass for mannequins in a fashion magazine the dudes were suuaavvee (mark the double letters) .

The venue was quite the spectacle. Laid out in a garden but the deco was dazzling and delicate. It was work professionally assembled, the place oozed of this warm summer feel, the winning deco was basically flora and chandelier but a beautiful ensemble it bore.

But the grand prize went to the photographer for directing and producing theses worthwhile pictures. See for yourself here.




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