Trends We Love; The Wedding Classics In 2017

The wedding season in Uganda is already on. Many couples are tying the knot, exchange those lifetime vows in classic weddings like we have already seen via Nonetheless, the anticipation for more of what is yet to come is still on for those that are interested in picking a leaf from such events.

So let’s look at some of the trends that are big locally at the moment in Uganda’s wedding industry, although I must say that many brides are still finding it tricky to make a decision on what do with their hair and how to accentuate it.

Like it is with the tiara, wearing of the wedding veil may be considered trivial but it’s a wedding tradition that is not about to die soon. Former Miss Uganda Slyvia Namutebi and TV Star Fyona Kirabo have already shown us how chic wearing a tiara can be as well as the veil.

Check out some samples below for inspiration…

The Kabuletas. Rebecca rocked the tiara and veil

Former Miss Uganda Sylvia Namutebi


Fyona Kirabo and her maids; photo by feddy weddings

Shellah looked exquisite with the veil; photo by Katende Muhammad Photography

Monica also rocked the tiara; Photo by Onyx Pictures Ug




Real Weddings

Anitah Bishanga and Charles