Total Elegance: Rume and Hilda Kabushengas corporate pre wedding shoot.

Photo credit:Katende-Muhammad-Photography.

Rume and Hilda kabushengas corporate pre wedding photos

It’s become tradition, a strict rule that before a wedding or before hitting any landmark in life there have to be pre photos. Hilda and rume didn’t miss out on the trend.

We have in most cases witnessed these and many try as much as possible to infuse them with nature, we really do not know the magic behind this phenomena and why many a couple opt for it. Could it be advice rendered by photographers? We really can’t tell. But just like fingers we are all not the same. And a little change won’t hurt. For Rume and Hilda they preferred the theme classic, firm and corporate.

Hilda rocked a body hugging lace dress that flaunted her gorgeous curves while rume played the classic man in his timeless maroon and grey capsule suit. The two defined sophistication. They did not go out of their way to make to impres, they kept everything subtle and classic yet romantic. On the flip side was the awesome work of the photographer too, he directed the shoot according to the possess that the couple would dazzle in considering their face shapes and body types (some of the reasons as to why you should work with the best) and it worked, the shoot was gorgeous! See for yourself.




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