Mikolo: Wedding Tips for the Groom

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The wedding planning is not that much of a worry for the Groom. That is because it is a sure thing that the Bride is manning all the planning. The most important role of the groom in the planning of a wedding is to support his bride-to-be.

Here are 7 tips for Grooms-to-be!

7. Your Men. Its your job to make sure that your men keep their hands off something that might go out of control. Check on the friend who always forgets and make sure he is not assigned to the most vital things. Remind your buddy who drinks too much not to on your big day. Get the more reliable groom’s men in the list so you wont bump into some uncontrollable mistakes.

6. You and Your Men’s Wardrobe. The Groom’s Wardrobe should at least include the following: Bow and Tie, Cufflinks, Suit/Tux, Shirt, Socks, Polished Shoes, Vest, and Kerchief. After your wardrobe, assume responsibility in letting your men know when and where to get fitted for their wardrobe. Let them know what needs to be fitted and in all these coordination, make sure you keep your partner posted so that she knows what you are doing for her and she does not have to make unnecessary duplication of the same work.

5. Your Wedding Registry. Throw in your wishes in your wedding registry. Who knows? A friend or a group of peers might end up getting you a plasma screen TV or some home electronics kit. That should save you a lot on some of your wants and gives you more allowance to take care of both of your needs in the future. Relish your wedding registry, after all, its just a wishlist that you have to make.

4. Your Mom’s Wedding Jitters. Sometimes, the grooms mom or dad or even sister can throw in a lot of opinion for your fiance that sometimes it becomes overwhelming for her. You have to let your folks know that you both appreciate their interest and excitement but you also have to establish the fact that this is your wedding and most decision will have to come from either you or your bride.  The groom has to take responsibility on filtering out those jitters from the genuine concerns.

3. Your Support. The wedding is your bride’s biggest day ever. So she makes sure that she takes care of the planning pretty well. But sometimes brides go way too hard on their selves that they end up being very stressed at some point. Make sure that during these times, you are their to validate their feelings and provide the emotional support that they need.

2. Your Opinion. Let her know that she is not in this alone. At least, let her know that you have an opinion and you can pick to give a comment on some major aspects of the wedding that interest you most, it could be the food, the music, the photographer, or whatever that interest you.

1. Your Emotions. On the day of your wedding, you have to pour all your best emotions out to let her know how much you love her and how happy you are to have come to this special day. This is the biggest day in her life and she has to know that you are there to make her the happiest on that day. Arrange, in advance, to send her flowers on the wedding day or to send her a recorded message to make her day the brightest day ever.



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