Gasana,s Surprise Engagement Dinner!

Photo credit: Access films

To her it was a normal evening, no plans to step out whatsoever. That’s when she got a call from bae, to chill and eat out. And she thought to herself since I have nothing else to do, what better way to spend the evening? So she threw on a black comfortable dress and headed out to meet her heartbeat. Unbeknownst to her, the night would turn out to be the biggest surprise of her life. He had decided to pop the proverbial question. Amidst a few friends and family, he’d decided to make their relationship official. With a dash of romance and glitz, he went on one, and yanked out a box from one of his pockets and asked if she’d marry him.

Like in the movies. She screamed. Restlessly, still. Gasping for air. And for a moment there, the crowd thought she wasn’t going to say Yes. They worried for the man who’d spent quite the time to put the treat together. They thought he’d read her wrong. Only, she was catching a breath. It was overwhelming what was before her. And when she’d mustered a bit of composure, she screamed in the affirmative. “YES” The crowd clapped. They bellowed their voices hoarse. We do not want to spoil this for you. See here, how the drama unfolded in these lovely pictures.




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