Wedding Etiquette: Dear Guests, Stop Stealing Our Decor Items

Over time, I have interviewed a number of service providers and often times, one of my key questions is “what challenges they face when doing their work.” Different service providers face different problems when it comes to handling events like weddings and introductions.

Nonetheless, some of their most common challenges that cut across the different categories of service providers (refer to categories on are delayed payments, uncooperative clients among a few others things.

But when it comes to décor service providers, their problems are a lot more than just delayed payments and the uncooperativeness of clients or even other service providers that they encounter when setting up a venue.

Their biggest challenge that is turning into a costly nightmare lately are guests that walk away with their decoration items.

“Many wedding guests have exhibited a high level of lack of wedding etiquette,” says Annet Akankwasa of Evannah Wedding and Event Specialists.

“People take our napkins, charger plates, glasses and cutlery among other things,” she adds.  

An employee at Philo Decorators Florist And Bakery who preferred anonymity revealed to that; “Sometimes you have just hired some of these items like the napkins from another service provider and then people steal them. So at the end of the event when you make the count, the numbers don’t add up which means you have to pay and it’s costly in the long run.”

Ladies and gentlemen that attend such events, try your level best to keep your village manners to yourselves. The drinks and fruits added as a touch of décor on those tables are all yours to feast on when you settle in at the reception but please, for crying out loud, DON’T carry away the napkins, knives, glasses, and forks among other things. They aren’t yours for taking.

They are décor items. It is okay to pick up a red or white rose from a wedding venue at the end of the event to take back home for your own amusement or to your significant other that didn’t make it but not the napkins. Style up…

A charger plate and a napkin, Decor by Evannah Events






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