Advice on Booking a Caterer for Your Wedding

Catering is becoming one of the most common options that couples choose for their wedding banquet. If you are considering doing the same, the most important thing is that you spend some time choosing a catering company that suits your needs and requirements best.

So that the decision is a bit easier, have a look at the following points:

  • Ask for sample menus of varying prices and qualities which you can compare. Bear in mind that the average cost per head for wedding catering is not less than UGx 30,000. If you want any changes to be made, make sure that this does not cost you extra.
  • Pay close attention to the drinks section and ask what is included outright. A good catering company should include soda, water and a free beers. You  may as well get a different provider for these but we highly recommend that if you aren't buying them yourself, let the catering team take care of that as well.  Champagne and cocktails should be the only drinks that are paid for separately, given that the price will vary according to the chosen brands.   The same will be true if you want to include a particular wine on the menu.
  • Take Close attention to the Menu. This is equally important as you should make sure all kinds of diets are taken care of.

Furthermore, a good catering company will also provide the table linen (letting you choose the colour), the dinner service and cutlery as well as the menus, all included in the price. You can add other services separately, such as chair decoration (covers), free drinks and/or dessert bar, and extra furniture (such as a marquee or sofas and loungers  in order to create a chill out space).

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