10 Wedding Expenses You Shouldn’t Forget To Add To Your Budget

If you’ve already started planning your wedding, it’s a good idea to note down all your expenses, when they are due, what is left to pay, etc. If you are sharing the cost of the wedding, it is also important to make a note of who is paying what, to keep track of all the spending. Planning a wedding can seem daunting, but if you get organised, it can be even enjoyable. You probably included the cost of your dress, his suit, the venue, the photographer, etc, but it’s easy to forget the seemingly smaller things, such as the church tax. We’re going to help you better predict the expenses of your wedding that you might be forgetting.

1. Your wedding hair/makeup trial

Before you pick your hair stylist or makeup artist, speak with them about how they charge the trial hair and makeup. Ask if it is included in the total cost or if it is charged separately. It’s quite important to have a trial beforehand, because this way you avoid being disappointed with your look on the day of the wedding. It’ll give you time to test run your bridal hair and makeup, to see how long it lasts, and if you feel comfortable. If you can do the trial and then go for your dress fitting, even better, so that you can see the whole look put together. You’ll then have plenty of time to change your look if need be.

2. Transport costs

If you’re sending wedding invitations or save the dates the old fashioned way via snail mail, take into account the cost of transport, especially if you are sending them far away.  Also, if you are going to send sweet thank you cards to guests after the wedding, include this cost in your wedding budget. Although it seems like a small cost to account for, it’s small things like this, which can add up.

3. Extra copies of your photos

Talk to your photographer about the cost of getting additional copies of your wedding photos. Ask yourselves if you’ll want to gift a photo album of your wedding to members of your family, your best man or your chief bridesmaid. If so, then make sure to add these costs to your budget.

4. Special gifts for parents, best man or chief bridesmaid

Many couples tend to think of these details at the last moment, which can be stressful because you may want to gift them something extra special to thank them for being there for you. This is a cost you should definitely think about in advance. It could be a picture frame where they will put a photo from your wedding (that you’ll give them), a bouquet of flowers that they can dry and cherish for a long time, a special cake (good idea if it happens to also be their birthday), etc.

5. Fittings and dry cleaning

You won’t forget the cost of the dress, that’s for sure, but it’s not the only cost to keep in mind. Yes, you’ll need to budget for the accessories, bridal shoes, veil, etc., but double check whether the dress fittings are charged separately or included in the total price. After the wedding, you may want to have your dress cleaned, and it’s even more likely the groom will want his suit to be dry cleaned as he could use it at another event (less likely you’ll wear your dress again, but at least it’ll be clean!).

 6.  City hall or church taxes

Look into what city hall tax, church taxes or church donations you are expected to pay and when. It’s important that you pay everything on time along with handing in the required paperwork with enough time before your big day. The fees will vary depending on your location.

7. Visas or other honeymoon related costs

If you’ve already got an idea of where you want to go for your honeymoon and an approximate budget, keep in mind whether you’ll need to pay for a visa, the cost of renewing your passport if it expires within the six months after the start of your trip, or if you’ll need to apply for an international driving permit. While you’re adding these things to your budget, go ahead and think about anything else that might need renewing. If you’re going on a safari, perhaps you’d like some extra lightweight, light coloured clothing, a new hat, sunglasses, etc. Whether you decide to budget for a whole new wardrobe is up to you, but try to be realistic. And how is your suitcase? Depending on your journey, a new sturdy suitcase might be a lifesaver.

8. Time is money

It’s not uncommon that in the excitement of it all, your wedding comes to an end, and you’re just not ready for it to be over so you request that the DJ stay overtime. He might gladly agree, but it might come with a price, so speak with your wedding providers before the wedding about how they charge over time (and if it’s even an option at all).

9. Tips

With this in mind, it’s also a good idea to include tips in your budget for your favourite wedding providerswho put their best effort into your big day. You’ll have many surprises, unpleasant and pleasant, throughout your wedding planning, but you’ll notice when they go the extra mile to make everything perfect. It’s always nice to show them your appreciation for their hard work.

10. Last minute wedding guests

So you know, everyone experiences last minute wedding guests, whether they say they’re coming the day before the big day or not coming an hour before. This can be a source of stress, but know that you are not alone. Speak with your caterer or wedding planner about how to account for these surprise guests, they’ll give you an idea of what to expect depending on the size of your guest list.

We hope this list is useful to you. Let us know if you have any questions about other wedding costs that might surprise you and share your tips to easily and effectively budget for your wedding. Have a wonderful wedding!




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