“I Fell In Love With Her Beautiful Soul.” Jimmy Finally Weds Milly!

Photo credit: Lenz Media Uganda

I fell in love with her beautiful soul. She is a highly intelligent woman, very smart and focused and most importantly she loves God said Jimmy just a few moments before heading off to church to say his vows to his gorgeous wife to be Milly. It was as clear as day that this couple was down for whatever and wouldn’t wait any longer to be with each other forever. They kept stealing these glances across the aisle. And whispered every moment throughout the ceremony. Oh, the beauty of love.

The couple had their wedding reception in a garden. But still just like their pre wedding photo-shoots, they kept everything low key. This couple was purely not the trumpet blowing type, quite not the hype for them .But one thing was for sure, they were happy. The fondness between the two can even be felt through the screen. But truly, that’s all that matters. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors. Bravo Jimmy and Molly let love always lead the way. Plus congratulations for this great landmark hit! May you leave to enjoy every single bit of your marriage!

The couple entrusted Lenz Media Uganda  for their photography. Big-ups to you guys for the tremendous work! Click here Lenz Media Uganda for more details.

The grooma and his squad

Beautiful Milly and her equally gorgeous maids



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