Wowing Photos Of Samuel & Esther’s Yummy Wedding Cake By Eco Springs

By the time Evannah Wedding & Events Specialists were done setting up their wowing decorations for Samuel and Esther’s wedding at Nican Resort, off Entebbe Road in Seguku, Eco springs were just around the corner waiting to toss in the final piece of the puzzle. The wedding cake!!!

It’s not every day that I judge a book by its cover but this time round, I was compelled to by the indescribable beauty of the Samuel and Esther’s wedding cake. It looked so yummy even before it would be sliced.

At the heart of the venue, a four-tier centrepiece cake stood out despite the eye catching décor all over the place. The cake was beautified with edible flowers at the top, red rings and golden ribbons with two glasses and a bottle of Champagne plus cutlery placed beside it.

Alice Nahabwe of Eco Springs Limited revealed to Mikolo that she “made a marble cake for the couple.” Given the ingredients and recipe for the cake, she expects all the cake to be consumed in “a space of five days because beyond that, it won’t be good for consumption.”  

Each guest table had its own cake. Alice says that “the bride and groom wanted a cake at each table.”

“This is actually a very good thing because it saves a lot of time during the cake moment. As the couple cut their cake, the guests also cut their cakes. So there will be no time wasted in serving and having ushers moving all over the place,” she adds.

On another separate table were about five cakes that were to be given away by the couple.

Each guest table had a cake

Mikolo's James Kayindi speaking to Alice Nahabwe of Eco Springs Limited




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