Samuel & Esther’s Classic Gold, Red And White Inspiring Decor Theme By Evannah Events

Once again, we hit the road on Saturday 12th to bring you the latest on Ugandan weddings and upon invitation, our quest led us to Nican Resort in Seguku off Entebbe Road at Samuel and Esther’s wedding reception.

Esther and Samuel choose to have a white or English wedding like one of the service providers at the venue referred it to as. Like it was for Jojo and Don, the couple also chose Evannah Wedding and Events Specialists as their décor service provider and once again, they brought their ‘A’ game

According to Annet Akankwasa, the CEO and Managing Director at Evannah Events, “Samuel and Esther choose gold, red and white as their theme colours.” At the extremely green gardens of Nican Resort, two white tents stood tall with one on the left and right respectively with a small tent at the fore-center of it all where the high table was setup.

“Our team together with the couple opted for a small tent for the high table instead of the trendy gazebo because of the weather these days. As you have noticed, it’s a rainy season so the tent favours any weather condition,” Annet explains.

This small tent was adorned with plenty of white and some red flowers, a glass table that had gold stands with a glass candelabra or candle holder like some prefer to call it elevated on top of the table. The couple’s seats were gold and like Annet says, “for this year, gold is really trending.”

“At the foot of this exceptionally beautiful high table are the glass bowls contain floating candles for light in the night plus red beads,” she says before adding that; “we have used floodlights and power cans to light the mood at night.”

In the guest tents, the round tables were alternatingly covered with white or gold linen, adorned with white and gold charger plates respectively. At the heart of each table was a glass candle holder or a white centerpiece embellished with red and white flowers plus a cake for the guests to cut.

The seats were also cloaked in gold and white pieces of cloth, not forgetting the beautiful napkins on each charger plate in similar colours. This was all topped up with hanging cages that contained LED candles, which Annet says are also “trendy and very nice for an outdoor event.”

Besides the white pathway that was designedly littered with flowers were glittering oval walkway stands that had a touch of white and red flowers.

See photos by Mikolo:

The high table

The table setup for the couple to serve themselves




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