Nican Resort, A Paradisiac Wedding Venue Off Entebbe Road

The phrase of ‘a home away from home’ would be an understatement to describe Nican Resort, a dream wedding venue off Entebbe Road. It’s paradisiac.

The extremely spacious green-gardens with fresh air blowing across from the trees around is only close to that of a lake side venue.

Nican Resort is located in Seguku, just 1.5 kilometers off Entebbe road. It’s one of the ultimate outdoor wedding venues that you will ever find, with ample parking space and guaranteed security.

Although it’s often said that the road to paradise is rough but the one leading to the paradisiac Nican Resort is a smooth one, guaranteeing your safe travel.  

On the other hand;

Nican Resort came short recently when they hosted two outdoor events at the same time. While on one hand there was a couple celebrating their holy matrimony, just a spit distance away was a well-attended kids’ birthday party.

The mere fact that both parties had loud music being played, it wasn’t cool idea to have two outdoor events running at the same time at such close proximity.

Secondly, outside catering services are not allowed at Nican Resort. So if you’re a couple with intentions to have it as your venue and had hoped to have outside catering services, you gonna have to think twice about that as you plan for your big day. Otherwise, the rest is all good.

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