Esther Nasikye And Samuel Kutosi Exchange Vows In A Lavish Wedding At Nican Resort

“Love is patient, it doesn’t envy.” That was Esther’s message to her better half Samuel Isaac Kutosi as the two tied the knot over the weekend on Saturday 12th August.

On the other hand, Samuel’s message to Esther Nasikye was; “a worthy wife brings joy to her husband.” It brings joy indeed because ‘Sam’ was overly excited as the two walked down the aisle at Nican Resort in Seguku, off Entebbe Road.

At around a half past 4 pm, guests started to stroll in, little by little and were being welcomed in by the beautiful ushers of Nsim Ushers.

After close to half an hour of waiting, finally, the couple arrived and got everyone on their feet amidst loud cheers, excitement and congratulations to Samuel and Esther.

A beautiful flower girl, Ruth Alinda and a page boy, Raphael Anyalisa led the entourage, followed by two other beautiful little girls in the names of Melissa Nabassa and Dannylynn Nakaye.

Behind them was a team of four elegant bridesmaids namely; Peace Amani, Anita Bagombekire, Gloria Nanyunja and Immaculate Agedo clad in red dresses, followed by the maid of honor (matron), Joy Asieun and the best man, Tom Wamalwa Nyongesa plus the couple.

Samuel and Esther treated their guests to a five-minute long dance before getting sited. The two lovebirds were wedded by Pastor Ben Nebechukwu at Living Word Assembly church.   

You have already seen wowing photos of their wedding cake and not to mention their show stopping decorations in a gold, red and white theme. Now here are some photos of the couple themselves taken by Mikolo.

From us all at Mikolo Wedding Community, we wish Esther and Samuel a happy marriage, filled with love and joy.

The Ushers

The Usher welcomed in the guests




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