Must see- The Million Dollar Decor At Joweria And Franks Wedding!

When we thought we had seen it all, these chaps just threw it into our faces and went like, look you haven’t seen anything yet! What the maestros at SUKI did at Joweria and Franks wedding was totally out of this world (in a hyped teenager’s voice!). Beauty, sophistication, Class, glamour, it was just a unique cocktail of ‘good stuff’. Marinated by creative twists, turns and delicate finishing.

The decor had a lot of highlights, it did not only light up the place but also made it look some Disney land palace of sorts. And Joweria together with Frank looked like the proverbial fairy tale prince and princess. Let’s start from the entrance; it was amazing looking at how they gave the place that balcony feeling with those white poles, then the blue carpet that led right into the tents.

Underneath the white firmly pitched tents was a royal blue and white decor galore! The tables were neatly dressed with snow white cloth and mounted with dazzling table tops.

The bride and groom area has heavenly! It was filled exceptional details. Posh seats, natural flora and lovely arranged balloons! Now during the night is when the glory of this work was displayed, they used led lights that made the white shine even brighter and the blue seemed green and mennn!!! we were blown away completely! Now the Silver sprinkled cake is a story for another day, Big ups to SUKI the outfit destination for blowing us away!

The unique entrance

The lovely couple



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