Joanna and Anthony’s Flawless Flowerless 3-In-One Function Decor

Flawless Flowerless 3-in-one function (Outdoor Church, Kuhingira and Wedding) Decor Setup by Amka Events Ltd at Jahazi Piers on Joanna Kabanda & Anthony Kahaya’s functions

I never thought that I would meet a person especially a lady who isn’t fascinated with the beauty of flowers until this Saturday when I attended Joanna Kabanda and Anthony Kahaya’s introduction and wedding at Jahazi Piers in Munyonyo. Yes, the Kinyarwanda introduction and wedding were organized in the same place. 

It’s often not easy to pull off outstanding decorations in such unique circumstances where a client doesn’t want flowers. But, Amka Decor Uganda Ltd had their A game on besides pulling out all the vintage tricks when it comes to event décor. 

“It’s three functions in one place; introduction, church and the reception. The bride never wanted any flowers and that’s why there’s barely any at all the three setups,” Rhoda Katushabe, the CEO and Managing director at Amka Decor Uganda Ltd intimated to Mikolo

At the extremely specious green gardens of Jahazi Piers in Munyonyo, the couple had the church setup at the captivating view of the lake side. The altar was decorated in white satin while the seats were adorned in purple covers with a white aisle in the middle.  

In the upward view of the lake was the reception, assembled at the higher ground of the venue, just a spit distance away from the church. The round tables were covered with white linen while the seats here were clothed with gold covers. 

Purple and gold colored bottles were raised at each table as centerpieces while gold charge plates and glasses summed completed the decorations. 

See Photos by: Mikolo 
Décor by: Amka Decor Uganda Ltd

Wedding Reception Setup


Kuhingira Setup

Kinyarwanda Gazebo for Mugole

Kinyarwanda Gazebo for Mugole

Joanna and Anthony at the Kuhingira


Outdoor Church setup 

Outdoor church decor stetup





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