Rebecca Nambi, NTV’s Second Chance Actress Love Story

Rebecca Nambi is an actress with the famous NTV’s second chance. Her character name is Rukia ( Gayana's assistant). She has been an integral member of the TV show and was voted the best actress of the season 1 episode. Her love story is so inspiring and nice one to read. Becky and Edward exchanged their lifetime vows at Namirembe Cathedral two weeks back and immediately left the country to go and settle in the UK where Edward is a citizen. We talked to Nambi and she shared with us her love story.

We met at a mobile money booth

Just after a had three years at Makerere University, Becky stormed the streets of Kampala for a job. She graduated in 2009 and failed to get one stable job that would change her life. She went to orange offices and asked to work as a mobile Agent.

She slowly started working until that one customer came around to withdraw huge sums of money. By then Edward was in Uganda for a holiday and her mother in the UK would send her money. He frequented the place for transactions until the two became friends. They exchanged numbers and started chatting frequently.

As time went one, Edward went back to the UK but maintained the communication. Becky says, she loved the way thing how the communication went by. She herself telling him all about her and slowly fell in love with him.

I told him about my love after one year of flirting

It took Becky one good year to express her feelings for Edward. Becky adds that she was shocked Edward had fallen in love with her the very first time he came to withdraw money. They got happy of their matching feelings.

Edward was then forced to fly back in the country to cement their love. When touched on the airport, Becky had booked a hotel room at Serena where the two spent one full week without moving outside. By the time they moved out, they had agreed to be man and wife.

Becky left the mobile money job and settled home as a stay home girlfriend. Edward had disclosed to her that he has a family house in Luzira that is occupied by a shamba boy. He requested her to move in with him as they start a new life.

My life changed drastically when i met Edward

Tearful Becky acknowledges the change of life. Edward left her with all the responsibilities to handle the family house in Luzira. Being a big house, she was left with huge sums of money to take care of the house. Becky’s search for low jobs ended from there.

She started living a good life. She even got the confidence of re uniting with old friends who later connected her to second chance. She started acting. One year back, Edward came back in the country and promised marriage.

He proposed to me in our house

As the two grew more into each other, the communication couldn't stop. Edward told his mother about Becky and she was happy about it. She summoned her son to set the wedding date. Becky says, Edward immediately boarded a plane and came to Uganda and proposed to her. She said yes.

The wedding

Preparations went underway and two weeks back, Edwards family and Becky's family joined together and celebrated their wedding at Namirembe Cathedral. They later hosted their parents, family, and friends at Munyonyo Commonwealth hotel.

Wedding full of tears of Joy

Having been brought up from a humble background, Becky had dreams. Dreams of achieving the highest educational level. After senior six she became stuck as her father wouldn't handle tuition. She almost thought of marriage.

Becky approached NGOs until she landed on one that paid for her tuition. Her dreams started being alive again. On her wedding close family, members who knew what Becky went through couldn't hide their joy for their daughter. They only had to cry.

Becky the UK citizen now

Edward’s family left Uganda and settled in the UK so many years back. They became citizens. When Edward grew up, he told his mother, he would love marrying a Uganda born Woman. Becky says, so many UK girls made passes on his husband but he knew what he would settle for.

He finally walked his journey and landed on a woman of her dreams.




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