Photos-What You Missed At The Capital Fm Big Wedding Season 5, Steve and Koina!

It was a normal night for Koina. She’d gone to Virgin Island (now temptations lounge) in Bugolobi to have fun. Like the other weekends. Except this day was different. It would be the birth of a beautiful story that would be told across the country years later. She met a charmer.

As boisterous and corny as they all come. He was so sure of himself, that he communicated his plans to marry a woman he had just met immediately. And in Koina’s mind, this was a disregard of her sanity. This was him thinking she was gullible. So she rubbished his claims. But he was persistent. He had seen what he wanted and went for the kill. He impressed with the dates and the gifts and still, it wasn’t enough. He did more. And more. And slowly, her Chinese wall started caving. Brick by brick. Her titanium reinforcements were melted by the relentless charms of Steve. And she fell helplessly for him. Whisked away by passion and thrust under the heavy throes of love. And together, they lived a story so powerful that when told, it won them an all-expense paid wedding.

 “They were many contestants in the Capital FM Big wedding contest, but Steve’s and Koina’s story won. They stole the hearts of the Ugandan Citizenry”. Adds the angel voiced Jakie Lumbasi of the Morning breakfast show.

And for those that hadn’t kept tabs of what happened after Capital FM announced the big Wedding winner, last weekend was Steve and Koina’s Big Wedding. The church ceremony was held at St Steven's Church og Uganda Kireka. And for a moment there, it looked like the wedding wouldn’t live up to the bliss expectations. Koina’s mum delayed to show up. And she cried thinking she’d refused to bless her wedding with her presence. Or maybe it was pressure. But profuse tears escaped her eyes. But she showed up and patched the would-be only glitch at the function. After exchanging vows, they went to Munyonyo Gardens for a bridal photo-shoot.

And later, the bridal Range Rovers turned their noses to Lubowa. Grace Gardens was the venue for the reception. And Events Ware House did a great job turning the Grace Gardens into a pompous venue. And they weren’t the only service providers that did astounding jobs. Zuena Kirema did the cake. A delightful piece of culinary mastery that kept people smiling and wanting more. And Koina’s wedding dress was custom made by designer Brenda Maraka. Bell lager and Pepsi and Robertson winery kept the drinks flowing. Globotex captured every shot of the moment. Kkaka food was amazing.

And if your definition of star studded has Capital Fm presenters, Val Okecho, Oulanya (The mc who worked the crowd with his humour) and Jackie Lumbasi, yes, it was star studded. It even had former Big Brother Africa contestant Gaetano Kaggwa whose presence would only be noticed near the beer section where he had pitched camp. Also, the entertainment was provided by the Gagamel Band. And together, they pulled off the big wedding with the deserved elegance, pomp and bliss. See for yourself here.

Decor by Events ware house.

The bride and groom arrive dancing to Kadodi tunes

The capital fm crew.

Cake by Zuena Events

The globotex Photography team.

Food by Kaka Ctering services

The gagamel band did an amazing job enetre

The wonderful gown was custom made by Brenda Maraka.

The capital fm crew.




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