PHOTOS – Martin And Marias Wedding Colourful And Fancy Decor

Decor credit:Rossy-Roots-Events-Uganda

Apart from the brides attire and food. Decor ranks among the top three items people pay attention to in a function. Each and every day that passes by, if you are a regular party turner you will attest to the fact that decor is always the same. Most copy and paste to sail along with the trend tides. But there are those decor houses that thrive on creativity, they set the trends, they plant and grow the trees from which others pick the leaves from. Among these is Rossy-Roots-Events-Uganda. When you think you have seen it all, they just bounce back with something new, oven fresh.

In this specific occasion at Maria and Martins wedding they showed their prowess again. They lit up the gardens with their artistry. They showered the place with white orange and green flowers. They also then paid close attention to the table tops, Which though not known to many are the reason behind a glow on the decor.In this case they used floral center pieces that were surrounded by sparkling silver cutlery, champagne glass and beautiful customized napkins on silver platters. Thought not a very swanky location they managed to turn it into a heaven. The whole scenery boosted of a delicate and ethereal vibe. These chaps really know what they do.

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