Latest And Unique Introduction Trends At Joan’s Introduction-Photos

Special occasions are like white wales.  They seldom come by but when they do seize the moment. Make it a day that will be have the date stamped onto every guest’s memory. They go like on 2nd august is the day ‘gundi’ got married! Because of the sui generis outplay of events.  The exclusive art portrayed. The captivating beauty of the place. The on point decor, food, music and dressing. And for what it’s worth, we all want to make impressions and not just any impressions but impressions that last for life times! Soring impressions.

Joan set the pace, and surely we shall live to tell the tales. First, understanding the importance of the day she hired the best, she entrusted her function with guys who thrive on creativity, they live and feed on it, they entrusted Suki the outfit destination. The results are were shuttling. Plot twists from the usual ‘kwanjula’ mambo jumbo. These chaps merged creativity and tradition and birthed a contemporary, sophisticated ensemble. They also invented new trends in ‘kwanjula’ that other decor houses should pic a leaf. To create this galore, the other teams that’s were involved included;
Cake by slice and serve confectioneries
Dressing Prossy lima
Saloon by SUKI saloon
Video and photography by One timeline Media



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