90s Weddings – How Times Have Changed

Fashion from the 90s was slightly better than that of the decade before—plastic butterflies adorning hairstyles, choker necklaces and limbs covered in more body glitter than Kesha’s eyelids…. luckily none of those fads made their way into the bridal realm! Instead, according to easyweddings.com.au, 90s brides were inspired by the flurry of wedding movies that hit the big screen – Father of the Bride came first in 1991, followed by Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994 and My Best Friend’s Wedding in 1997.

Check out these 90s weddings:

While these weddings were, even by 90s standards, a little OTT (Over The Top), the majority of 90s brides were quite minimalist in their styling. Perhaps this was in response to the excesses shown by 80s brides.

Dress styles

With not a puffed sleeve in sight, 90s wedding dresses were largely made from satin and silk, to give a sleek appearance. Brides gravitated towards minimalistic design concepts, largely steering clear of intricate embellishments and multilayered skirts.

Wedding gowns with big shoulders and sleeves especially long were very much on trend.

When it came to bridesmaids, it was all about being matchy-matchy. Everything from hairstyles to makeup and accessories was identical.


Veils continued to rate highly with 90s brides but were often used without a blusher. Instead, they would be attached to a headband and simply fall down the back.

The Princess-cut reigned supreme when it came to engagement ring styles.

Hair and makeup

Hair was also quite minimalist in nature. Styling was either completely straightened and free-flowing or up-dos (usually high buns) with hair tendrils framing the face.

Makeup was quite natural looking, but brides did have a little fun when it came to the shade of their lips, making them a little more dramatic to stand out.


Weddings in the front yard of homes, often the man’s parents’ home became still dominated the venues sphere. However, destination weddings were also beginning to gain popularity during this decade. But having a sophisticated elopement was still unheard of especially by Uganda standards although the idea had been introduced in Africa.

Shortly before and immediately into the 90s, elopements were often viewed as something that was done in unconventional relationships, like the marriage of young teens or couples where one or both were onto their second, third or more marriage. In a few cases heard of in Uganda, stories say that it was in marriages that involved people from the same clan which was forbidden especially among the Baganda.


While bridal bouquets were shrinking in size, more fresh flowers were adorning the tops of cakes and tiers were very much still the rage.

Indeed times have change. Princess Komuntale and her now ex-husband on their wedding day



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