Why You Should Do A Hotel Wedding

Every couple has the desire to celebrate their special day in the most memorable way. In Uganda, hotel weddings are a relatively new phenomenon that shows great prospects as far as making wedding events special goes.

In the run-up to the wedding, important decisions have to be made, one of which is the wedding venue. Many factors will determine the venue you choose. So the question is: Why should you choose a hotel as your wedding venue? Royal Suites suggests a number of ways in which you stand to gain by having a hotel wedding.

Special Wedding Packages

A hotel serves as your one-stop-shop for all your wedding essentials in one package. This way, it’s easier to budget for your wedding as you only have to deal with one vendor for all your needs. Again, you stand to save on your budget since most hotel wedding packages come at discounted prices. There is also a great deal of convenience because the package puts together everything you need for your wedding including the reception, accommodation for you and your guests, cake, refreshments, and photography sites.


A hotel wedding spares you the inconvenience of moving around to different locations for the wedding ceremony, reception and evening party. This helps you cut down on transportation expenses. What’s more, guests from far places won’t have problems accessing accommodation for the night before and after the wedding.

Activities for Everyone

Hotels like Royal Suites have a variety of activities that appeal to couples and their guests. There are swimming pools for those who would love to take a dip, bouncing castles for kids, and clubs for the revelers. A good hotel should also make arrangements for couples who wish to have a private suite for their wedding night or honeymoon.


If you are looking to have just a few special guests to witness your nuptials, go for a hotel wedding. With an open-air wedding venue, it’s quite difficult to have control over who attends your wedding. But a hotel makes it easier for you to keep out party crushers. Pride Inn Hotels guarantees you total privacy and accountability for your wedding.

If you wish to learn more about hotel weddings, kindly get in touch with Pride Inn Hotels.



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